Lately I have been thinking about this question regularly. A question Paul de Blot asked us during what turned out to be his last retreats. What can help you in times of need?

We were invited to take a walk in groups of two or three along the tide line in Egmond aan Zee and to muse on what helped us in times of need. On the way in silence about what the question gave us insights, On the way back asking each other for opinions.

Who doesn’t recognise it? Moments of despair, sadness and loneliness. Especially in this troubled period. I often think about that question. What will help me in times of need?
That turned out to be three things for me. The sea and walking along that endless expanse of water and power. Family and friendships. In times of need you notice who really matters, who stays with you and who in the end were just passers-by. That is completely fine, but how precious is it to have real friends? The third thing that turned out to be important to me is my own sense of self. My inner knowing and my own strength.

Everyone has had moments of true happiness, strength and inner peace in their life. Moments when everything was good.

It was especially the last realization that was very important to me at the time and that also supports me during this period. The place in me that I can return to at any time. That moment of inner peace where I can ask: What is a good next step? What will guide me in what to do? What will support me in who I can be?

I invite you to ask yourself that one question from time to time: ‘What do you derive support from in uncertain times?’