Koers & Welvaren
Purpose & Wellbeing

Directing yourself with a meaningful purpose

Koers & Welvaren
Purpose & Wellbeing

Directing yourself with a meaningful purpose

More than ever, there are ample opportunities for personal growth and choices. We are constantly invited to get to know ourselves better and develop ourselves further. How many times have you heard: discover your talent, stay who you are, become your best version and remain authentic? Perhaps you wonder where to look or what exact steps you need to take to find your true self?

Determining and maintaining a purpose

In a program consisting of a total of five half-days, spread over three days and an additional hour of personal coaching, we contemplate questions such as ‘Where did I come from?’, ‘What determined me?’, ‘Where do I belong?’, ‘What do I long for’, ‘What do I want to offer?’ and ‘What makes me really happy?’. In a personal and meaningful program and we investigate any obstacles to moving forward with your purpose in life.

We explore what can support us in the space between a question and answer, between an issue and approach and between a stimulus and response. What gives us guidance in the choices that later turn out to be crucial moments in our lives?

I have a better view of the goals that I find important and how I can get closer to them. I now have a clear idea that I can also say goodbye to things. Your pleasant and light tone worked invitingly brought out what really matters. It is really beautiful what you put down; I want many people to experience this too.



After this program, you will have translated your purpose into concrete goals. You will have gained insight into what supports you and what may actually hinder you from achieving your goals and how to deal with these obstacles. You will be able to take concrete actions to achieve your goals step by step.

The participants were focused and prepared to be vulnerable. You have created the right ambiance for this. The program was simple and effective. It has reduced my goal to achievable concrete steps.


Who are we?

We, Harry Slegh and Dorthe Schipperheijn, have a very different background in education and career, but the same inspiration and vision when it comes to life and development.

We believe that the meaning of life comes from the choices you make.

We are happy to contribute to the exploration of what is essential to you, to inspire and invite you to give substance to it. To make substantiated choices.

Harry Slegh

Personal coach, team coach and professional photographer with the characteristics: unorthodox thinking and unorthodox acting. Always looking for development opportunities with a light-hearted intrusiveness, in which the dynamics between person, context and professional assignment receive particular attention.
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Dorthe Schipperheijn

Personal coach, Team coach, Trainer and Processmanager with the characteristics: empathetic, optimistic, result oriented, and with an eye for the human element. With an open mind looking for what else is possible, personal, relational and professional.
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I realized, by “standing still”, where I am now in my life. It gave me a good feeling to list the goals I have. The motto of the day for me comes down to: “Life can happen to you, but you decide how you react to it or how you deal with it.”


Open registration 
Dutch version

One day in Oktober 2023 (Dutch version)

Information will follow

Maximum 12 people

Location: Central in the Netherlands

The design of the program

  • A separate (online) intake interview
  • Welcome from 9am. The program is scheduled from 9.30am to 7.30pm.

When I started the coaching process with the theme “Koers en Welvaren” I never thought, or dared to think, that I would get as much out of it as I did. Dorthe took me in, in a very warm, confidential and above all professional way during the journey to explore myself. Through interesting and revealing exercises, important questions and deep conversation, I have experienced a great positive change in myself. The coaching process taught me that I already have everything I need to make the right choices on this bumpy path to adulthood and that I must mainly stick to who I really am and not let myself step into the role that is expected of me. Thank you Dorthe, for everything.

Merel Godelieve

In company and team-coaching 

We offer a variant of Koers en Welvaren/Purpose and Wellbeing to organizations that want to offer space to utilize the personal strength and motivation of employees in their business’ goals. In close cooperation with the client, we create a program in which we link employees’ personal goals to organizational or team goals.

In this program, employees gain insight into their personal values and goals and we connect these to the goals of the organization. Concrete goals and actions provide guidance to move towards the overarching perspective.


The design of the program

  • A separate intake interviews
  • Three consecutive days
  • Interim individual coaching
  • Two continuous parts of the day

Registration and information

If the above appeals to you, you are welcome to contact us or register for the next training.

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