The Corona crisis also hits many Young Professionals hard. People between the ages of twenty and thirty who earn extra money for their studies in the catering industry or in shops and have suddenly lost their income. With all the uncertainty involved, because no one knows when this will end. People who are suddenly at home and cannot do their work or continue on the path they had taken.

People in studies, especially in recent years, when suddenly assignments have to be made at home for their graduation, where they do not have the means to do so to the quality they want.

Every Tuesday evening the advisory group Young Professionals organizes a Zoom meeting to support and to give each other ideas about what is possible.

On Tuesday March 24, 2020 we had the second session and that led to a number of measures they invented themselves. For example, some call each other every morning to ensure that a rhythm comes into the day, others suggested making a list of wishes and what suddenly can be time for and sharing those wishes.

We agreed to repeat this every week until the epidemic is over. How well will that plan hold-up? We shall see. Who knows, new projects may arise from which people find each other and consider how this period can be useful and remain light.

Yesterday, for example, there was a Zoom game. Logging in from various houses and sharing proverbs with great hilarity, after which a competition took place. It turns out that it is also possible at a great distance to stay connected to old-fashioned games.

It is also an excellent time to see what you would like to learn. Where there is normally no time for extracurricular studies, now there is. Is there a language you want to learn? Surely there are a lot of people who want to speak Spanish through Zoom? Just to name an example. Could I review my personal branding and see how I can profile myself better next week?

What I particularly notice about the Young Professionals is their adaptability. The people I speak to are willing and able to look at the bigger story and realize that this Corona crisis is also a consequence of the way we have dealt with this earth and each other for decades.
So if you like to join, register with the Young Professionals Advisory Group!