For Young Professionals

An offer for Young Professionals

For Young Professionals

An offer for Young Professionals

For who?

In a time where the world seems open thanks to social media, it is not easy to find your way through the multitude of possibilities as a Young Professional.


Are you unhappy with parts of your life and have no idea how to change that?


How do you ensure that you keep a balance between work and leisure?


Can’t choose between multiple study options or jobs or don’t know which one suits you best?


Do you want to build a network that supports you but don’t know how?


Do you want to present yourself better to your boss, your colleagues or a new employer?

If you recognize the above questions, then the offer for Young Professionals would be suitable for you!


In coaching you look for answers to the questions you have. These questions can be about various topics in your life: study, work, family, friends, health and balance between work and relaxation. As a coach I support you in your quest by asking questions, by mirroring, and sometimes by challenging you to take a step further in your exploration.

There is always an online introductory session of 45 minutes prior to the coaching process. In this we determine the theme and the purpose of the coaching. If we feel that there is a connection, you can use up to 3 free individual 45 minute online coaching conversations.

You are eligible for this offer if you are between 20 and 30 years old and do not have an employer who wants to finance a coaching program.

Experience has shown that these 3 conversations are often enough to confidently take the next step in your own development.

I always thought I wouldn’t need a coach because I honestly thought that was a bit of a strange idea. After some encouragement from my girlfriend, I started a coaching program with Dorthe. I found it exciting and a bit scary because you are going to talk about feelings and things that do not go well in your own life.
It takes some getting used to.

In the end it was not all bad. You have to cross a threshold and Dorthe helps you very well. It is an educational path and Dorthe gives you the right resources to walk this path and get to your destination. All in all, I can highly recommend her as a coach. The bottom line is that you just have to give it a chance, you actually have nothing to lose anyway because no one needs to know about it.


Five sessions

If you would like to keep going after the 3 free coaching sessions, you can buy an additional package for 5-individual online coaching sessions of 45 minutes for a reduced rate. These conversations can be about the same subject, but also about themes and questions that arise at that moment.

The cost of these 5 sessions is € 395, including 21% VAT. The package is valid for 12 months and starts from the first coaching session.

I had been asking a number of questions for a while and experienced enormous stress and uncertainty during this period of my life. I have experienced the coaching sessions with Dorthe as calm and controlled. I always felt that I was really heard and that my needs were number 1. During this session, people always asked what I wanted to work on and what I needed. I received several tips and tricks from Dorthe’s background in coaching on how to better deal with stress and uncertainty. I also received weekly points of attention, which made me more aware of my daily actions and actions.

In short, I experienced my period with Dorthe as very pleasant and it gave me a nice grip.


When I started the coaching process with the theme ‘Purpose and Wellbeing’ I never thought, or dared to think, that I would get as much out of it as I did. The coaching process taught me that I already have everything I need to make the right choices on this bumpy path to adulthood and that I must mainly stick to who I really am and not let myself step into the role that is expected of me.

Merel Godelieve

Free try-out session

If you are interested, I invite you to reach out. Make an appointment for a free online introductory session, where we explore your challenges and difficulties and discover whether there is a mutual connection to embark upon in a program together.