There is always a perspective that allows you to move forward, even when you feel stuck.


There is always a perspective that allows you to move forward, even when you feel stuck.

Experiences and collaborations

After I started the Mental Fitness/Positive Intelligence© training, I noticed the effects pretty quickly. I was clearer, more focused, more alert and I can deal with things from peace of mind. The short moments of contact with the body after completing a task and before starting a new task make it seem easier. Above all, the insights into your own ‘saboteurs’ and getting to know and use your own qualities are very stimulating! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to go through life in a different way – with more ease and more positively – than before! Because if you keep doing what you did, you’ll get what you used.

Atyna Janse

I followed a very valuable training with Dorthe. Which gave me more insights into myself and my saboteurs.

Dorthe takes you along in a nice professional way during the process you commit to in order to grow and to change. As a result, you are much more self-confident in life.

Sonja van den Maegdenbergh

Learn to see EVERYTHING that comes along in your life as a GIFT! Discover your full potential and start seeing that in the other.

For me, that is this course with Dorthe. Wonderful tools to direct your attention. Never knew this was possible, now it is….”

Erica Dingemanse

So grateful that I got to know Dorthe. Now I am already on my second training with her. What a beautiful woman she is and what a lot of beautiful insights she has taught me.

From a restless person jumping all over the place, I learned in a short time to create the right focus with the right techniques and knowledge.

Dorthe’s coaching feels safe, very familiar and so instructive. As a result, I have already experienced great personal growth in the short time that I actually know Dorthe. I wish this experience and growth to everyone.

Iris Buswijller

Koers & Welvaren came my way at just the right time.

I felt that something had to change in my life, but I didn’t know what. That’s why I got stuck.

 Dorthe helped me to find direction in my life again.

By going back to who I am and what I want, I was able to set goals for the future.

During the workshop I immediately started working on these goals and soon there were results.

I recommend Koers & Welvaren to everyone who wants to move forward in life.

It’s amazing what focus and goal setting can do to you.

Julia de Kievit

Young Professional

Dorthe’s coaching feels safe and secure. I have the feeling that I can be myself. It all seems to be simple and natural. In the meantime, I am taking enormous steps in my personal development. My confidence has grown enormously and I discover that there is more to me than what I thought possible. What a beautiful journey to explore myself this is!

Inge de Kok

I am extremely grateful to Dorthe for her coaching in recent months. She came my way when I felt a strong need to re-energize after a hectic period and “reinvent” myself, as it were. Dorthe’s style suits me like a glove. She moves effortlessly between a rational, pragmatic approach that is nice and concrete and confronts at the right moments, and an empathic style that deepens a spa and zooms in on identity, values, desires and emotions. In doing so, she uses the so-called “Co-active” method that stands for both being versus doing and working together. As a coachee, you always have the pleasant feeling that you are doing it together with your coach, whereby the coachee’s awareness and learning process always remain central.

Since the first sessions I have made some important new choices that give me new positive energy and focus! With, among other things, a “Life purpose statement” and a multi-year goal plan, I have determined the direction for the coming years and I energetically set course for a challenging future. I can full-heartedly recommend Dorthe to anyone who wants to take new steps in his personal and / or business life!

Jeroen Gort

I had the pleasure to work with Dorthe for about 8 months and what I mostly appreciated was that our co-operation was based upon mutual trust and respect. I also feel that she has an unique talent for understanding ‘clients’ needs, listening without any judgements and holding space.

Dorthe is driven by a mission to contribute to a better world through coaching and is very skilled to help you to stretch your sightline, get out of your comfort zone and grow along the way.

I really liked working with Dorthe because of the depth and quality of our shared perspectives on coaching and her warm personality.

I highly recommend Dorthe if you’re looking for a professional and very trustful coach and/or business partner.

Layla Slingerland

Yoga Teacher, High Tide Yoga

Some major life events made it difficult for me to regain my position in the world. Things that made me who I was, that defined my position in relation to the rest of the world, had all disappeared. That requires acceptance, but that is not possible without finding a new position. What gives me value, but above all: what has value for me? What makes me who I am?

Teaming up with Dorthe, because that is how her guidance feels, has been extremely valuable in this. Dorthe is empathetic, intuitive and knows exactly which method works best for you at what time. In my case, that also meant sessions with hard work and sometimes had to recover the rest of the day, but it made me take huge steps and gave valuable insights. I have regained my core, accepted myself, my life, and am building a future again.

Petra K.

For many years I have been able to closely watch Dorthe operate in different situations. Based on her knowledge and experience she developed the remarkable quality to connect people’s personal goals with these to a project or task ahead. This connection motivates employees to contribute to the best of their abilities and creates successful teams and results.

Gerard Tigchelaar

CEO, CIMgt Representative Office Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

Her enormous substantive drive combined with her sense of interests, relationships and creativity ensure that Dorthe even in difficult files can improve relationships and at the same time achieve sustainable results. I have experienced several times that, thanks to the input of Dorthe, parties in dossiers in which they were directly opposed, ultimately came to joint solutions that no one could have thought in advance.

Dennis Huurdeman

Directeur Regionale Transitie & Innovatie, Zuyd Hogeschool

I always thought I wouldn’t need a coach because I honestly thought that was a bit of a strange idea. I just did my thing and I was fine with that. It goes well for a long time, but sometimes you feel that you are missing something.

After some encouragement from my girlfriend, I started a coaching program with Dorthe (after that we also had several nice conversations). I found it exciting and a bit scary because you are going to talk about feelings and things that do not go well in your own life. it takes some getting used to.

In the end it was not all bad. You have to cross a threshold and Dorthe helps you very well. She is completely non-judgmental, listens well and asks specific questions that force you to think and identify what could be improved. Then you come to agreements that will help you to fly the things you are having. Having to do “homework” helped me a lot because sometimes I need a push in my back to do things. I also noticed that in subsequent appointments I became a lot more open and more confident to say more things. This is due to the open and friendly atmosphere of the conversations. In any case, the conversations and homework have helped me a lot to understand what to do and what to look out for.

I am not yet at the level where I want to be and that is okay. It is an educational path and Dorthe gives you the right resources to walk this path and get to your destination. All in all, I can highly recommend her as a coach. The bottom line is that you just have to give it a chance, you actually have nothing to lose anyway because no one needs to know about it.


Young Professional

I had been asking a number of questions for a while and experienced enormous stress and uncertainty during this period of my life. I am almost finished graduating from university and have no idea what I want to do next or what I can do, while the time keeps ticking. I came into contact with Dorthe through a friend of mine.

Dorthe told me that she has talked to “Young Professionals” more often and that she would like to start the coaching process with me. The first 5 conversations were without obligation and free of charge, since that is here policy with “Young Professionals”. I experienced this as very pleasant because it allowed me to experience exactly what her coaching program entailed and was therefore not immediately tied to a certain rate or process as with some other coaching programs.

 I have experienced the coaching sessions with Dorthe as calm and controlled. I always felt that I was really heard and that my needs were number 1. Our sessions took place every two weeks, I was allowed to decide if I wanted to participate myself, which I really liked.

During this session, people always asked what I wanted to work on and what I needed. I received several tips and tricks from Dorthe’s background in coaching on how to better deal with stress and uncertainty. I also received weekly points of attention, which made me more aware of my daily actions and actions.

In short, I experienced my period with Dorthe as very pleasant and it gave me a nice grip.


Young Professional

I know Dorthe Schipperheijn as director of programs & business operations and as general director/municipal secretary at the municipality of Heerlen. In that role, she was the initiator of a number of major developments, including the establishment of a collaboration in Smart Services. She brought together large and small financial-administrative institutions (APG, CBS, Obvion, Rabobank, etc.) in a connecting way to develop a joint strategic agenda. That was a breakthrough in our economic policy. Dorthe played a crucial role in that collaboration. Not only does she know how to connect parties, but she also decisively encourages concrete action. Without her, the Smart Services Campus would never have happened. She is very entrusted to manage large and complex programs with a multitude of parties. As well as smoothing things that have reached an impasse. She also knows how to act decisively in a crisis situation. She has a quick overview and knows how to quickly separate main and side issues. I’ve seen her do it all up close. Very much to the satisfaction of the Aldermen! In addition, she is an ideal sparring partner and can communicate well with people at the top of the organization, including the shop floor. Her strong analytical skills and pleasant personality are also very useful in negotiation situations. Dorthe knows how to bring the business side and the human side together in a natural way. Result-oriented and relationship-oriented. That’s Dorthe!

Martin de Beer

Councilor for Economic Affairs, Municipality of Heerlen

I got to know Dorthe when I got to a point where I didn’t know which way to go with regard to my future. Who am I? What is my place in this world? Through some conversations I have learned to look at myself and my environment from different perspectives and to be aware in the now, to recognize my inner obstacles and how to get past them. She made me take huge steps and provided valuable insights that I still wouldn’t have taken if I hadn’t come across her. I am very grateful to Dorthe.
Dorthe has a very sweet, gentle personality, she’s very empathetic and listens well. “What do you want to work on today?” Was the question at the beginning of every conversation with Dorthe, which was very nice. With every conversation she gave me some homework, tips & tricks that taught me to deal with stressful or annoying situations, and in this way this became something natural and “my own”. She taught me to prioritize my own needs and partly because of this I made a big decision for my future.
Dorthe has made great direction in my personal development, and has given me a strong push in building my future. Thank you Dorthe, for these valuable conversations!

Myrthe van den Berge

Young Professional

In search of more balance, focus and clarity for my business perspective during this turbulent time, I teamed up with coach Dorthe Schipperheijn. I also needed a baton and a thoughtful invisible companion.
I really enjoyed our conversations and experienced them as pleasant. I was able to determine the course of my company myself, using the various tools Dorthe had available. She helped me narrow down tons of ideas and plans to make me understand what I really wanted, what goals were most important for me to do right away and what plans I could carry out in the longer term.
By asking powerful questions, Dorthe has supported me in formulating my personal goals and achieving them quickly. My strengths were highlighted, my values ​​were rediscovered and I was able to clearly formulate my business vision. Suddenly I knew what I wanted to achieve and how I could do it.
After just a few sessions I focused more on my business activities during consultation with Dorthe. Dorthe as a coach is very clear, honest and direct. She can quickly create structure if you don’t know exactly what to start with.
She helped me get out of my comfort zone and grow along the way. What I liked was that I didn’t have to change myself, but instead I started to understand myself better and I could rediscover my courage to be the one I want to be, to create what I want to create.
Her way of coaching has had a lasting impact on me. It is really nice if someone with so much experience and vision can help you get out the best out of yourself.

Tsarina Natalia

Translationservices and translationclasses

Dorthe creates a safe setting in a very natural, casual way in which you can discover your own development issue (without it immediately taking on a ‘formal’ character) and where you feel welcome. Subsequently, she is able to quickly and effectively get to the heart of the matter with powerful, to the point questions. In the meantime, Dorthe continues to check whether she is still in good contact with you. For that reason, I have not only experienced the contacts with her as very warm and pleasant, but also as instructive and insightful. Dorthe has thus helped me to make an important choice in my own career. A matured, knowledgeable coach that I will refer people to with confidence.

Gian Kerstges

Senior adviseur bij BMC

I really enjoyed our conversations and learned a lot about who I am and what I want and can do. Without Dorthe’s help, I don’t think I would have found my place so quickly!

Mirthe Ebels

Conceptontwikkelaar bij De Mannen van Schuim – Young Professional

I first met Dorthe in 2020 during our coaching training for certification. I really liked her commitment. For a while, we lost contact until early January 2022 when I reached her out for help. I was stuck and needed somebody to ‘’show me the way again’’. In 45 minutes coaching session, Dorthe took me to my initial passion. I got back my trust and passion for coaching. Dorthe really listened with empathy and also asked the right questions that made me find out my way again. My motives are now clear and I want to keep going.

Augustin N’dah

Diversity & Inclusion Coach

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