Strengthen your mental fitness

Learn to handle life’s challenges successfully with ease

Strengthen your mental fitness

Learn to handle life’s challenges successfully with ease

More relaxation, possibilities and happiness

Where physical fitness ensures that you can move easily, mental fitness ensures that you can approach life’s major challenges positively. As a result, you experience more relaxation and you perform better. It helps you to recognize feelings of uncertainty, stress and discouragement, to stop and to consciously choose a different response. As a result, you can relax better, you see more possibilities and you are happier.

In a 6-month program you learn to recognize and change your patterns. This program consists of the online Mental Fitness training of Positive Intelligence©, developed by Shirzad Chamine, lecturer at Stanford University, supportive and in-depth online group sessions under the supervision of Dorthe Schipperheijn and 1 : 1 online coaching sessions of 45 minutes. You will also receive the book ‘Positive Intelligence’ by Shirzad Chamine.

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“Learn to see EVERYTHING that comes along in your life as a GIFT! Discovering your full potential and seeing that in the other person as well.” For me, that is this course with Dorthe. Wonderful tools to direct your attention. Never knew this was possible, now it is….”

Erica Dingemanse

Saboteur assessment

If you are curious about your saboteurs, do the free saboteur assessment of Positive intelligence©. This is a digital assessment of approximately 5 minutes, in very accessible English. You will receive the results in your mailbox shortly after completing the assessment.

Free try-out session

If you are interested, I invite you to reach out. Make an appointment for a free online introductory session, where we explore your challenges and difficulties and discover whether there is a mutual connection to embark upon in a program together.