Broadens your view & offers new perspectives

There is always a perspective that allows you to move forward, even when you feel stuck.

Broadens your view
& offers new perspectives

There is always a perspective that allows you to move forward, even when you feel stuck.

Personal growth implies seeing what appears invisible, exploring what may be possible, and choosing what fits. Both on a personal level or in a business setting.

My mission is to make people aware of their motives and talents. I invite you to explore, develop and deploy these aspects for yourself and your environment.

From this awareness, tasks that initially seemed impossible become accessible, personal and organisational.



1-on-1 and team-coaching

The starting point for my coaching is beautifully described by Co-Active Coaching©: every person is naturally resourceful, creative, and whole and every person carries the answers for his or her life. You are good the way you are and at the same time much more is possible. For you too!


Process Supervision and Consulting

In the present, everything is interconnected. All developments have an impact on other areas. This is a context in which I have experience and am at my best.
I like to guide processes that benefit everyone. Weighing the possibilities and making choices that were initially not visible, creates a broader, more challenging and interesting playing field, and ultimately a more optimal effect.

Dorthe’s coaching feels safe and secure. I have the feeling that I can be myself. It all seems to be simple and natural. In the meantime, I am taking enormous steps in my personal development. My confidence has grown enormously and I discover that there is more to me than what I thought possible. What a beautiful journey to explore myself this is!

Inge de Kok

I also offer


Purpose and Wellbeing

In the program, in Dutch named ‘Koers & Welvaren’, consisting of a total of five half-days spread out over two days, with an hour of personal coaching in between, we  contemplate questions such as ‘Where did I come from?’, ‘What determined me?’, ‘Where do I belong?’ And ‘What do I long for’, ‘What do I want to offer?’ and ‘What makes me really happy?’. In this personal and meaningful program, we explore your purpose and objectives and investigate any obstacles preventing you from moving forward in your course in life.


Strengthen your mental fitness

Learn to handle life’s challenges successfully with ease

In a 6-month program you will become aware of your subversive behavioral patterns (Saboteurs). You practice your ability to stop them and to choose to act from a different perspective (Sage).

The foundation for this training is the Positive Intelligence© 6-week Mental Fitness Training with daily exercises, supplemented with online group sessions and 1 : 1 coaching.


Special Offer for Young Professionals

As Young Professional in a time when social media reflects a world with endless opportunities, it can be difficult to find your way through the multitude of possibilities.

What are your core values? How do you deal with disappointments? How do you determine what is the right choice for you? How do you build a network that supports you? How can you maintain a healthy balance between work, leisure and spare time?

When I started the coaching process with the theme ‘Purpose & Wellbeing’ I never thought, or dared to think, that I would get as much out of it as I did. The coaching process taught me that I already have everything I need to make the right choices on this bumpy path to adulthood and that I must mainly stick to who I really am and not let myself step into the role that is expected of me.

Merel Godelieve



More insight into your limiting patterns

Where physical fitness ensures that you can move easily, mental fitness ensures that you can approach life’s major challenges positively. As a result, you experience more relaxation and you perform better.

It helps you to recognize feelings of uncertainty, stress and discouragement, to stop and to consciously choose a different response. As a result, you can relax better, you see more possibilities and you are happier.

“What was valuable in the Saboteurs workshop was that we shared our experiences. Being vulnerable to each other gave us a different connection than we are used to. It was instructive for me to share my thoughts about my saboteur with others. That increased my understanding of my own saboteur and I also gained a better understanding of the behavior of the people I work with.”

About me

What I want to offer is a place where people can go. Where they can relax physically and emotionally, to reflect and to feed themselves mentally, so that they can continue on their own path through the adventure that is called life.

Dorthe Schipperheijn

Free try-out session

If you are interested, I invite you to reach out. Make an appointment for a free online introductory session, where we explore your challenges and difficulties and discover whether there is a mutual connection to embark upon in a program together.