The Corona crisis gives all of us the opportunity to develop new habits, or to pick up old habits that were dear, but were pushed into the background by the everyday hustle and bustle.

A Good Start to the Day

For me it is the morning walk on the beach at Dishoek. When my family and I started living here, I did it almost every day. I loved it, the peace and the imposing power of the water. Waves that didn’t care about my inner state of mind. They move to the rhythm of the moon, the force of the wind and the currents worldwide.

Even now I start every day with a walk on the beach, and with a few yoga exercises to get the body moving. I prefer to be there at seven in the morning.  I love that the day starts with rest, the cadence of walking, processing the dreams of the night and reflecting on what is to come.

A Gift every Day

Every day I see something new. A beautiful shell or an oyster, the reflection of the sky in a pond, a forgotten feather that is lying on the wet sand. Every day a little wonder of nature and yesterday I was so truly rewarded with something that filled my heart with joy, a seal.

During the daily stretching exercises I had the feeling that I was being observed. However, by no means was there anyone to be seen. Suddenly I saw the head of an apparently interested seal looking straight at me and the strange movements I was making there with great difficulty. It gave me a feeling of happiness all day long. All the more reason to start every day with a walk.

What habit offers you depth, joy and a sense of being and happiness? What habit do you want to maintain after this period?