How do you keep yourself motivated in a time when the Corona crisis suddenly means that you can no longer go anywhere, while the world recently seemed completely open? If you have to complete your studies or do your work from home all day, maybe even lose your job? If contact with fellow students or colleagues is limited to messages via email and whatsapp and Zoomcalls, while you could recently chat about Tiger King at the coffee machine and have a beer together during the weekend? Not to mention the uncertainty about what the future will bring.

When you need to search for motivation to complete the agenda on a daily basis, the question often arises for a deeper meaning in your life: What do I care for in life? What do I find important? What do I want to spend my talents and time on?

To support you in this quest, Harry Slegh and I will be offering an online version of our Koers & Welvaren workshop especially for you from the end of April. This is a powerful program with which you take control of your life.

In four online sessions of an hour and a half, we investigate questions such as: Where are you now? What is really important to you? What is your dream? What are your main values? You gain insight into your life purpose and formulate concrete goals and actions to achieve it. This creates a personal and meaningful course. Would you like to hear more about it or join us? Check out our brochure or the Facebook Advisory Group Young Professionals. Here you will also find all contact information to register!