March 2, 2020 An important day for me. I just registered my company with the Ministery of Commerce. After a long period of preparation, I in business. I am really looking forward to it. My business plan is finished, goals have been set and the website is being built. I have finished all kinds of courses on marketing and finance for freelancers. I also have a number of clients waiting. Coaching people, I love doing it. I.Am.Ready.

March 16, 2020 Suddenly the world looks very different. We’ve been surprised by a huge pandemic. Worldwide, measures are being implemented which will have a huge impact on all of us. What now? This wasn’t part of my plan, I hadn’t prepared for this.
Suddenly I am challenged to realize what I want to offer my clients. What can you do if a situation diverges from what was expected? What can you do if you have no influence on such change? If a context suddenly turns out to be completely different from what you expected? What are your new possibilities? What perspective can you choose that will keep you on track and deliver on what you have planned? How can the destination remain the same even if the route suddenly changes?
A nice test case is thrown at me. Am I credible as a coach? Am I able to provide what I want to teach my clients? I don’t mind the first few days. After a few days I realize that the most important thing in this period is that I make myself known as a coach. I had arranged for that in March and April. And of course I want to coach as many people as possible, because without customers no business. It’s as simple as that.
I notice that many people in my direct environment are struggling. A latent feeling of loneliness becomes more explicit. Uncertainty about what this means paralyses people. Stress, because there are suddenly people in a house, which reduces their own living space. Not to mention the long-term implications of this crisis. What should one do with my time? What should one do with themselves?
I realize that I can contribute. That I can be there for others, specifically from my business expertise. The solution I come up with is that I offer my network a coaching programme of three times an online conversation of 45 minutes until mid-April, until the deadline for the measures. To explore what offers them something to hold on to; to anchor in what is important; to provide space for the emotions of sadness, uncertainty and fear and gain insight into it. What are those emotions about? What are you afraid of? What are you grieving over? What is your value in your surroundings?

March 30, 2020
In less than a month I started my company with a kickstart. I’m excited!