Positive Intelligence


At the beginning of March of this year, I had the opportunity to participate in the Mental Fitness training of Positive Intelligence. Together with about 500 other coaches worldwide, we were personally guided for seven weeks by Shirzad Chamine, who developed this program as a lecturer at Stanford University.

The timing couldn’t have been better. Just when the first measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus were in place, we practiced our Mental Fitness our ability to handle what is happening with a positive mindset instead of reacting with stress, disappointment or discouragement.


The Mental Fitness Training

The training is actually very simple. Using an app, you practice recognizing and stopping your own sabotaging behavior patterns and train yourself to shift your attention to what is called the perspective of the Sage. The effect is liberating. A condition of the training is that you do a number of short exercises daily on the basis of the app. In that respect it is no different than physical fitness: just thinking about a workout does not improve your fitness.


I have given the training to others several times and I am always surprised by its effect. Awareness of one’s own sabotaging behavior patterns, the ability to stop them when they occur and to choose to act from a different perspective, is insightful and liberating.


Opportunities to do the training

Given the situation we are in due to the measurements to control the increase of the Covid numbers, I will be offering the program for new participants every Monday. This is a great opportunity. The app and weekly video’s are in English which is easy to understand. Guidance and coaching by me can be in Dutch, English or Danish.


The training can be done individually or, preferably, with a small group. That does not have to be with acquaintances. In fact, it is even very inspiring to go through the training with people you do not know. Being in a team myself with three great coaches from around the world, Catherine Santoro from Australia, Kate Brettell, an Australian in Amsterdam, and Amal Barhoush from Jordan, has been a huge enrichment to my experience.

For information about the program or an exercise, make an appointment through Calendly