Multi-level marketing

For the success of your business

Mulit-level marketing

For the success of your business



In a 12-week online group training you will learn how you can acquire successful customers more easily and how to build an inspiring community with your customers.

After this training you will know what it takes to grow your company and to be successful!


Are you willing to really go for it and to take a big step towards personal leadership and expanding your company with ease, then I have an offer to support you.

This is a 6-month program that focuses on a mix of personal development and business development. It consists of group sessions and individual sessions.

The Positive Intelligence© 6-week online Mental Fitness Training is part of this program.

So grateful that I got to know Dorthe. Now I am already on my second program with her. What a beautiful woman she is and what a lot of beautiful insights she has taught me. From a restless person jumping all over the place, I learned in a short time to create the right focus with the right techniques and knowledge. Dorthe’s coaching feels safe, very familiar and so instructive. As a result, I have already experienced great personal growth in the short time that I actually know Dorthe. I wish this experience and growth for everyone.

Iris Buswijller

Free try-out session

If you are interested, I invite you to reach out. Make an appointment for a free online introductory session, where we explore your challenges and difficulties and discover whether there is a mutual connection to embark upon in a program together.