More customers 
with ease

Together in 10 steps

More customers with ease

Together in 10 steps

12 week group training


Do you want to acquire successful customers with ease?


Do you want to build an inspiring community with your customers?

Then this online group training may be for you!

When you’re done you know…

what it takes to grow your business and be successful!


You know what your most important goal is and what prevents you from really going for it!


You know your ideal customer and you know how to reach them!


You have a concrete step-by-step plan that you can apply again and again!

Program structure

Module I
You are the most important tool for the success of your company!

“The secret of success is to work harder on yourself than you do the job!” (Jim Rohn)

  1. Where am I now?
    What do I find important and what are my values?
  2. Sequel to: What Are My Values?
    What is my Life Purpose?
  3. What do I want to achieve?
    What are my goals, personal and business?
  4. How do I overcome my subversive patterns to actually do that?
    What are those constantly sabotaging patterns and beliefs that keep me from moving forward? How can I recognize and release them?

Module II – Find your ideal customer!

“Your mission is where the world’s deepest hunger and your heart’s greatest gladness intersect.” (Richard Bolles)

  1. What is my niche?

    Which groups do I know and what are their characteristics?
    What can I offer them?

  2. What is my ideal customer?

    What is my ideal customer?
    How do I explore in detail who I want to work with most so that we both can be successful?

  3. How do I create an irresistible offer for my ideal customer?
  4. How do I easily get a continuous flow of customers?

Module III – And now to work: without action, no result!

“What you sow is what you reap!”

In a period of 4 weeks we actively work on recruiting customers and potential active members, with 3 accountability sessions.

  1. The first steps: what went well? What could be better?
  2. Where are you: what are your experiences? What do you want to learn more from?
  3. What is the result so far? What’s your next step?

For whom?


You are enthusiastic about your product!


You have one or more customers and maybe already active members and want to expand this!


You are willing to really go for it and to take a big step towards more customers and a successful company!

By whom

Dorthe Schipperheijn is a coach and has her own business in coaching, training and consulting.

“My mission is to make people aware of their motivations and their talents and to use them for themselves and for those around them.”

Dorthe Schipperheijn

Practical & cost


The training will start in September 2021.


The lessons in module 1 and 2 are weekly.


The lessons in module 3 are every second week.


The exact dates are determined in consultation.


All classes are online via Zoom.


The costs for this training of 12 weeks are: € 795.00 per person (excl. 21% VAT).


The training takes place with a minimum of 10 people.


Optional: Individual coaching sessions during the trajectory, at a reduced rate.


In addition to the trajectory, 3 individual coaching sessions, to deepen the lessons and address specific issues.


The costs of these 3 online coaching sessions of 45 minutes are € 300.00 (excl. 21% VAT).


Make an appointment below for an introduction or send an email to

“I had a very valuable training with Dorthe, which gave me more insights into myself and my saboteurs. Dorthe takes you along in a nice professional way during a process you commit to in order to grow and to change. As a result, you are much more self-confident in life.”


Sonja van den Maegdenbergh

Free try-out session

If you are interested, I invite you to reach out. Make an appointment for a free online introductory session, where we explore your challenges and difficulties and discover whether there is a mutual connection to embark upon in a program together.